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The Best Coffee in Mexico.

The seed of this coffee arrived in Nayarit approximately 150 years ago, when a group of French families planted the first plantations in the town of Malinal. Its cultivation was soon adopted by the Cora and Huichol indigenous people of the sierra, however the place where the precious grain was best adapted was in the Cumbres de Huicicila, in the neighboring municipality of Compostela.

The best kept treasure in Nayarit

Las Cumbres de Huicicila in Compostela Nayarit is one of the most important areas in terms of seed production with elegant and distinguished aromas. Every year it produces huge amounts of high altitude coffee (ranging from 900-1300 meters above sea level).

As a curious fact, Nayarit is the last place to the north of the hemisphere to produce coffee, which is why the cherries take longer to ripen, allowing them to develop their sugars to the maximum and resulting in very fruity tones with delicate notes of floral aromas, flavor of honey, good body and balanced acidity.

In addition, due to its proximity, the coffee growing areas receive a breeze from the Pacific Ocean with a high humidity content throughout the year , and added to this, the soils of volcanic origin with a high content of organic matter, create the right environment for the coffee cultivation. There are great natural benefits that have well deserved the recognition of being a great aromatic and tall coffee. Click Here for a great video of our Farm in Nayarit.


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